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Pick-up, Wash and Deliver

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    Our Services

    Regular Wash

    One bag: $25

    Two Bags: $35

    Three Bags +: $45

    Sensitive Wash/Detergent

    No extra charge

    One bag: $25

    Two Bags: $35

    Three Bags +: $45

    Extra Services

    Sanitization Soak: $5

    Rush fee: $15+

    Washable laundry bag: $10

    Extra soiled clothing will be charged as assessed: $5+ per load

    Our Services Include Pick Up, Wash, Fold and Deliver

    (Washable Laundry Bag: size 23 in by 23 in)

    How it works?


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    We will pick up your laundry bag or multiple bags if needed
    ( extra charge may apply )


    We will scan , track , wash , dry , fold and deliver your items back to designated location


    Keep the laundry bag for future use .

    Why choose us?

    Excellent Service

    Family Owned and Operated

    Delivery on time

    And More...

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    About us

    We are a convenient answer to laundry with a mobile service . Much like the simple pieces of equipment like the washboard used in the 1833 to wash laundry , we want to make it simple for you . If you are a local of Las Vegas or visiting and want more time with doing other things and not laundry ,call us. Whether you need assistance due to age or disability , need clean clothes in between hospital and rehab or despise the act of laundry we are here for you .

    Your clothes will be picked up at a designated location ( hotel , apartment ,house , mobile home , rehab suite , hospital room ) , tracked and returned as if you folded it yourself ! We hope to free up some of your time , take a laundry load off of your hands and earn your return business when you need us the most.

    What our customers say

    Hours of Operation

    Pick up:
    Fridays 4pm-10pm
    Sunday 4pm-9pm
    Note: Unless otherwise arranged

    The tracking system for our packages is through

    Nevada Business License #NV20212047126


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